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2015-09-25 习近平在白宫南草坪欢迎仪式上的致辞

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Remarks by President Xi Jinping at Arrival Ceremony at the White HouseSeptember 25, 2015

Mr. President, Mrs. Obama,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends,


In this golden season of autumn, my wife and I are very pleased to come to the beautiful city of Washington, D.C.


At the outset, I wish to thank you, Mr. President, for your kind invitation and gracious hospitality. I also wish to convey to the American people the warm regards and the best wishes of over 1.3 billion Chinese people.


China and the United States are both great nations. The Chinese and American people are two great peoples. Since we established diplomatic relations 36 years ago, China-U.S. relations have forged ahead despite twists and turns, and have made historic advances.


At our Sunnylands meeting in the summer of 2013, President Obama and I made the strategic decision of building a new model of major-country relations. More than two years have passed, and we have made important progress in various areas of exchange and cooperation. This has been welcomed by people of our two countries and the world at large.


Working together, China and the United States can make a greater impact than our individual efforts. To grow our relationship under the new conditions, we must adapt to the changing times and to seize the positive momentum. I come to the United States this time to promote peace and advance cooperation. We would like to work with the U.S. side to make great advances in our relationship, and deliver more benefits to people of our two countries and the whole world.


We must uphold the right direction of building a new model of major-country relations; make sure our relationship is defined by peace, respect and cooperation; and see to it that it keeps moving forward on the soundtrack of steady growth.


We must enhance strategic trust and mutual understanding, respect each other’s interests and concerns, be broad-minded about our differences and disagreements, and to strengthen our people’s confidence in China-U.S. friendship and cooperation.


We must pursue win-win cooperation, update the model, and broaden the scope of our collaboration, and improve the well-being of people of our two countries and the world through concrete actions and outcomes of cooperation.


We must enhance friendship and promote interactions between our people, encourage our two societies to meet each other halfway, and cement the social foundation of China-U.S. relations.


We must promote world peace and development, improve coordination on major international and regional issues, make concerted efforts to address global challenges, and work with other nations to build a better world.


Thirty years ago, during my first visit to the United States, I was hosted by an American family in Muscatine, Iowa. My hosts were so warm, sincere, and friendly. We had cordial conversations and we hugged tightly when we had to say goodbye. To this day, those moments are still fresh in my memory.


Three years ago, I went back to Muscatine, and had a reunion with my old friends there. They said to me, friendship is a big business. Well, from these old friends, and from many other American friends, I can feel firsthand the genuine friendship between the Chinese and American people. We do share each other’s feelings. And this gives me every confidence about the future of our relations.


Mr. President, and Mrs. Obama,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends,


Success comes with dedicated efforts. China-U.S. relations have reached a new starting point in the 21st century. For further growth of our relations, we have no choice but to seek win-win cooperation. Let us work hand-in-hand with great resolve to write a new chapter in China-U.S. relations.


Thank you.


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