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2022-02-18 谷爱凌北京冬奥第二金记者会谈天才与努力


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天才和努力,我觉得… 是这样的… 我不知道我有没有天才,因为我觉得天才就是非常非常非常小的一部分,就是… 甚至是不重要,因为我觉得天才就是帮你刚开始的那一年,你有可能学习滑雪的速度稍微快一点。但你开始做这么难的动作的时候,开始必须上健身房去训练,去准备,尤其是心理的这些准备,都是努力,99%以上全都是努力。然后,我觉得我真的把所有可以做的东西、所有的努力全都做了,我永远是第一个到练习场地,最后一个走。

Well, talent and hard work, I don’t know if I’m talented or not. I think talent, if there is any, is only a very small part of everything. It’s not even important. Because I think talent may help you in the first year, when you are learning to ski and also how to ski faster. But to be able to land is so difficult tricks, you have to go to the training facilities. You have to prepare yourself psychologically and it takes more than 99% of hard work. And I really did all my best and tried all my best. I'm always the first to come to the training facility and the last to go.

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谷爱凌北京冬奥第二金记者会谈天才与努力 [复制链接]

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