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2021-06-23 习近平同神舟十二号航天员通话


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Xi Jinping:

Comrade Nie Haisheng, comrade Liu Boming, comrade Tang Hongbo, thank you for your hard work! On behalf of CPC Central Committee, State Council, Central Military Commission and people of all ethinc groups in China, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to you all.



Nie Haisheng:

Thank you, General Secretary. Thank you, all the Chinese people.



Xi Jinping:

You are the first crew to station in Tianhe core module. You will be staying in the space for three months. How’s your work in space and how’s your life there? All Chinese people care about you. How’s your physical condition? How’s your life? Is your work going well?



Nie Haisheng:

Thank you, General Secretary. We are in good health condition. The work is going well. It is my third time to participate in the space flight mission. Now the environment in the space is getting better. And for the Chinese astronaut we have a home in the space. We are staying in the space and we are proud of our motherland.



Liu Boming:

For me, on the second time to participate in the space flight mission, I shoulder heavy responsibility and feel very proud to participate in this mission. Later we will operate the robotic arms and two times of extra-vehicular activities. We will do our best to make sure we can fulfill all the tasks successfully.



Tang Hongbo:

It is my first time to enter into the space. Now I’m getting used to the space environment. Also now I have a very normal daily routine. I can also have a video call with my family members. Our space family is very comfortable. We are confident to deliver all the subsequent missions.



Xi Jinping:

Good. We see you are in good condition. We are very happy to see you are well. To build the space station, it is a very important milestone for China’s aerospace cause. It will help the human being to better utilize the resources in the space. So for the new era, you are the representative of the astronauts and aerospace staff in China. I hope you can work together, stay united and work diligently to complete the subsequent missions successfully. Wish all of you well in your work and life in the space. In Beijing, all of us look forward to your return with victory!



Nie Haisheng:

We will bear your instructions in mind. We will live up to the mission. And we will be determined to fulfill all the tasks and the missions. Rest assure. Salute!

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